Monday, 17 June 2013

Be Careful What You Wish For......

Are you ready... 

to open 

                             PANDORA'S BOX am going to commit to a daily blog.

I invite you into Pandora's Blog because yes, open at thy peril this wondrous box emanating from my mind! 
Fearful yet hopefully entrancing you,beguiling you at times! 
Shall we start with Pandora herself? 
Is she me? 
Could she be YOU? 
Perhaps she is all of us in essence. 
Years ago I chose the name for my then burgeoning language project - the idea being you could open up Pandora's Box and learn from its contents but once open your longing to learn would never be enclosed again. ...long before the connotations of Pandora led us to wistful dreams of expensive charm bracelets or the advent of more accessible porn elevated the noun to far more carnal desires!! 
Be careful what you wish for! This aspect always fascinated and excited me- to open the box of Wonder or to remain curious and enthralled forever by its contents? 

I personally was always one for opening the box and delving straight in, come what may! 

And yes, that , my friend HAS made all the difference! 
To my life anyway....

For the uninitiated amongst you - and those who avoided/escaped the dubious pleasure of Classical Mythology - Pandora means Multi-gifted - perfect! ( Especially for the purposes and intentions of this particular blog!) 
Pandora was 'gifted' with the 'Power' to bring about the downfall of any man - or 'man' in general.....
Again, perfect.
Don't worry and click away from me at this point - I am not some raging feminist hell bent on the destruction and demise of all men even those who have not had the fortune (oops, dropped the prefix there!) to meet with me yet ....nor am I keen to badmouth in a bitter diatribe those who have had the pleasure of crossing my woven path...... Man or Woman I invite you in.....
Pandora's husband unfortunately - or fortunately? - opened up the box that Jupiter sent as a gift to Pandora, allowing all the Evils of this world to fly out...unrestrained and forever thence, unstoppable. 

Like my repeated, abandoned attempts to sustain a blog, the box lay dormant for many years until wrenched open that day.

Now I pull back the clasps on both my Memory Vaults and my urge to write daily for my Soul if not my brethren - who knows what I shall release...? 

So....what then CAN you expect from my blog? 

Well, hopefully the clues are there. 

I would like to offer a myriad of ideas, of words, of education in its lightest and most digestible form - wonderful art images, apt poetry for our time if not from our time, extracts of mirth or sheer delight I may have come across or - more likely - written myself; history- particularly Celtic history - as a template that links with our life in all its forms; but most of all - I open up my own personal wordbox to you all - of stories, of Life and its wondrous, crazy, haunting, poignant, REAL moments. You can find escapism but often link with and empathise with the realities of our everyday life. I hope to bring to this one blog all the disparate parts that create my interests and - presumptiously - yours. I do not profess to be the wisest, the cleverest, the most knowledgeable...but I can offer you a love of Life, a Life entwined with Love, a pot of Dreams and a Way with Words that only my Irish heritage and the Blarney stone can be accredited for! 

So delve away....
                         Enjoy browsing my friends....and may you take away at least a few worthwhile treasures...

....And careful what you wish for....once gotten...can it ever be
UNbegotten.....  <3

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